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1. Parties

1.1. The Data 4 Leads Team LTD a company registered in England (Company Reg: 09477548), ICO Number: ZA644499, VAT Number: 317910996, having its registered office at 75 Shelton Street London WC2H 9JQ (“The Data 4 Leads Team LTD”)


2. Web Leads

The following recitals relate to customers who engage The Data 4 Leads Team LTD for the provision of Web Leads to facilitate direct marketing.

Dispute Policy: Hoax. Wrong Number/No Such Person/Dead Number-Subject To Validation

2.1. The Data 4 Leads Team LTD follow the principles of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This requires us to ensure any data we supply as a web lead broker are used in a lawful fashion.

2.2. Web lead data supplied by The Data 4 Leads Team LTD meets following regulatory requirements:

2.2.1. the individuals listed will have given clear consent for you to process their personal data for the specific purpose as detailed within our sales contract documents
2.2.2. the data has been collected lawfully for those specific and legitimate reasons
2.2.3. the data is, to the best of our ability, accurate and up to date

2.3. The customer is required to:

2.3.1. process the personal data supplied lawfully and only for the reasons specified in the web leads supply contract
2.3.2. keep the data only for the duration of the specified project
2.3.3. ensure the data is stored and processed in a secure manner
2.3.4. have a process in place for individuals to request to be withdraw consent and to be erased from the data list at their own request requests for erasure must be processed within 10 working days any request for withdrawal of consent or erasure of data must be notified to The Data 4 Leads Team LTD within 10 working days
2.3.5. ensure individuals are made aware which organisation is using their data and must provide details relating to the lawful use of this data.
2.3.6. publish a privacy notice which details: v intended purposes for processing the personal data the lawful basis for the processing how individuals may withdraw their consent or be removed from the dataset
2.3.7. provide a right to access for data subjects, this information must be supplied in request and includes: confirmation that their data is being processed; access to their personal data; other supplementary information
2.3.8. securely destroy personal data once the contract period has been completed

2.4. The Data 4 Leads Team LTD makes all efforts to maximise the accuracy of the data supplied.

2.5. All web leads we supply are subject to validation checks to ensure they are valid and meet the Customer’s requirements. However we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy as data is subject to change outside of our control. Therefore we do offer replacement leads where leads are reported as being inaccurate or out of scope,

2.6. The replacement policy for web leads is up to 10% per order.

2.7. If errors are found they must be reported using an automated deposition report before any review can be conducted on data supplied.

2.8. The disposition report must be prepared electronically and list the leads and full reasons for why the lead is being listed as erroneous.

2.9. At least 48 working hours before a decision can be made on any data review conducted.

2.10. The Data 4 Leads Team LTD will replace those leads which have been found, on review to be at fault. There is no guarantee that every reported lead will be replaced. The Data 4 Leads Team LTD cannot replace leads which are found not to be inaccurate or for where there is not a clear enough reason given for the error report.

2.11. The Data 4 Leads Team LTD will offer data credits in certain limited circumstances agreed with the Customer on a case by case basis.

2.12. All data supplied by The Data 4 Leads Team LTD is non refundable. Due to the nature of the product, once data has been supplied it cannot be returned, replaced or refunded.

2.13. The full invoice amount is due to be paid prior to the web leads being released.

2.14. The Data 4 Leads Team LTD work with carefully vetted and selected partners When we sell any leads we do so on the basis that we may work as an intermediary between any carefully selected 3rd party, and ourselves, selling the leads exclusively.

2.15. The acceptance of this agreement is subject to due diligence by The Data 4 Leads Team LTD. You are required to complete and return a Data Supply Compliance Form to support this process.

2.16. Web leads returns need to be sent within 24 hours

We are a online provider, and our support is online. We require returns and queries to be sent to our production team on thedata4leadsteamltd@protonmail.com and to allow 24 to 48 hours for a adequate response.

Updated: 19 th Feb 2018 (WV) In the case of refunds, The The Data 4 Leads Team LTD reserve the right to allow up to 21 days for the processing and completion of refund payments from the date of return of signed acceptance.

These terms and conditions are enacted in English law

If the Customer wishes to cancel the Agreement after it has sent the signed order form to the Company, the Customer must send written notice of cancellation to the Company within 7 days from the original date of signing the Order. The Customer must pay 35% of the full value of the Order (including VAT) to the Company within 7 days after cancellation. Notice of cancellation may be sent by post, facsimile or email and in the case of e-mail on receipt by the sender of a “read receipt. If the Database(s) has already been dispatched by the Company the cancellation notice will not be processed or indeed accepted by the Company.

Any refunds or cancellations need to be agreed within 28 days of any campaign starting. After this time no refunds will be issued.